In A11 we don't shoot blindly. Every thought, innovation or every design is based on understanding.


We try to understand the company, its clients and their goals from their perspective - their environment, behavior, motivation and problems. We innovate through an interactive design workshop in which corporate project stakeholders, designers and developers participate. We gain empathy, inspire new ideas and test our intuition.

stakeholders workshop
takeholders workshop
data driven research

Data driven approach

When redesigning or innovating a product, we try to understand the customer from the very beginning. We use quantitative and qualitative research and moderated interviews to analyze behavior. These tools help us to see user habits, patterns and ways of working in a short time.

data driven research

The results of the Understanding phase

  • Defined goals, vision and project scope
  • Articulation of the problems which we face and are going to solve
  • Customer understanding
  • User journey map

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