The future of social media - Predictions and tips

Martin Mroč
Jun 2021

Despite all the recent scandals involving social media platforms, the trend is still showing us an increase in the number of active users of these social networks. In addition, new types of social media are emerging, which focus on specific activities of their users (eg. Strava - an app for active people).

Video content is dominating everything

According to a Cisco study, in 2022, video content will make up 82% of all content on social media, people will be more interested in it, and therefore it will be a more successful type of advertising. Just take a look at Tik-Tok, which is a video-based only platform and is among the fastest growing social media platforms, that speaks for itself.

Fun fact: Every fifth person in the age of 18-34 buys a product after being recommended to do so by his favorite influencer.

Visual and voice search are the game changers

People search based on pictures and voice, the year-on-year increase of this type of search is +50%!

The human brain loves visuals, it can identify an image in an incredible 13 milliseconds. For humans, it is natural to search by visual content, thus image search is expected to be more important than keyword search in the future.

Virtual voice assistants are increasingly able to help us with our everyday activities and they are even beginning to be endowed with decision-making functions. There is nothing easier than using them, whether it is Siri (Apple), Alexa (Amazon), or Google Home. They are used in households, cars and of course in mobile devices, and the majority of the users claim they have become an integral part of their everyday life.

Meet your friends virtually using VR / AR

Nowadays, you can work with your colleagues using virtual reality even without a VR headset, just by creating your VR avatar. If you have the camera turned on, the avatar will behave according to your real movements.

Regarding the fact that many people are working remotely, this is a great way to meet each other in one virtual room and see each other in one space with the presenting person.

This segment is growing very fast and that is why also Apple is planning to introduce their own augmented reality (AR) glasses, which will most probably result in an even greater dominance of this segment.

AI Personalization and chatbots

Communication is the basis for building any relationship, and chatbots can quickly answer the most frequently used questions, thus making communication much more effective. In the future we expect the rise of audio chat-bots, a great example of this is the startup X-bot.

Nowadays, social media platforms have a lot of information about their users and their behavior on the internet. This enables the systems to make the personalization and prediction of what people like extremely effective. Because of this, it is highly probable that advertisements in the future will not be created by people, but mainly by artificial intelligence, which will tailor the ad to each user separately.

Building trust is key

People increasingly value loyalty and a “clean approach”. By increasing trust, one also increases the probability that users will perform the required action, for e.g. in e-shops, purchase a product.

Therefore, a few things are recommended that will increase people’s trust in the company:

  • High-quality content
  • Reviews
  • Trustworthy links
  • Show behind the scenes
  • Be consistent
  • Show real people behind your company logo
  • Share social values (and company values in general)

Shopping directly through social media

Instagram has recently changed its layout, which is now directly encouraging shopping through the application itself. This is showing us the trend how internet shopping will evolve: in the future we can expect shopping over the Internet to be as efficient and simple as possible. E.g. it will not be necessary to fill in forms, card numbers etc. every time and on every different e-shop.

People want to be more “live”

Social media platforms are pushing live videos to the forefront, which has the advantage that you can get instant feedback, relevant questions and especially promo.

Clubhouse is yet another example of how people have the need to be more connected using digital technologies. It is expected that these tools will be the standard in the future and will be used by more and more people, so it is good to be one step ahead of your competitors and start to use them right now. ;).

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