We breathe life into brave ideas
So you can touch them and feel them

Our vision is become the best premium design studio in the CEE region, with a legion of satisfied clients all around the world and a team full of ambitious designers.

Our clients
are backed by
top-tier companies

Our values


First of all we are human beings and then everything else. We believe that only if you threat people respectfuly they can give you best of them. As our CEO loves to say: “We are no d*cks!”


If you want people to have founder approach they need to have founder framework. Thats why we are honest with our people and giving them full averens how is company doing and where is heading.


Do you know the feeling when you are searching for inspiration and in the end you found nothing because nobody evere approached it not even simmilar way? We Do!

Join to ride
with us

Our hiring flow

Start here!

First, check our open positions above. Read through responsibilities, requirements and position story. After you find the best fit for yourself, just simply WhatsApp Lukas our People Officer!


First Discussion

We will discuss your work scope and work style. Talk about our vision, projects, and team. Will search for first sights that we could be a great fit for each other and have succesfull cooperation



Of course, we would like to see you in action. That's why we use practical assignments for all the positions. We don't want to overcomplicate it so our assignment should take you only 3 hours


Culture Fit & Offer

This discussion with our founders should clarify if we share the same values and if you are going to be a great fit for our team. If everything goes as expected, you get the offer within 48 hours.