A11.studio UX driven company & Team overkill

Róbert Macháč
Jan 2020

From my early days at University, I have always been the product-centric guy instead of deep diving in algorithms.

A few years later I research, prototype and design meaningful digital products and services to deliver the best possible experiences.

To this day, my 6 year practice of UX/UI taught me what it takes to deliver innovative solutions to complex problems.

I’m excited to announce that recently I partnered with Martin Mroč, a very talented UI designer with precise eyes.

We have established A11.studio – a UX/UI driven company that enables startups and enterprises to become human centric.

We focus on companies that would like to:

  • Solve real problems by design & proper experiences
  • Make products more human
  • Make products more sexy and desirable
  • Gain more customers
  • Raise revenue

We truly believe that User Experience should be a key differentiator. 2020 will be more digitally saturated as ever before. Innovate or die will become very real.

Let’s create pixel perfect
design for you

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