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About is platform for video content by hosting Tech Talks, Product Demos, Office Hours, Build in Public, and Recruiting Events. Great tool for increase the reach of your business by hosting events.
Product design — UX idea — Branding — Design system
Branding — Design system — Product design — UX idea
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For this project, we collaborated closely with the team at They already had a rough idea of the product, but they needed us to bring their vision to life for their late 2020 product release. This included making a desktop web video calling interface, dashboard, marketing assets, and multiple pages for their website.

The team at were looking for a modern, simple interface ideally built for a lifestyle use case. Ensuring that the customer needs & expectations were met, we designed a fully functional web-based app interface, dashboard, and a website to show it all.
UI Kit & Design system
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Clean interface, powerful app
With’s app you can host online events with multiple speakers and up to 1 million attendees. On top of that, you also have 8 features available to use in the Tools panel.
We designed this feature to bring more interactivity into the app and raise engagement with the audience. Think of it as a virtual selfie.

During or at the end of an event, the host can use the Group Photo feature to take a picture of themselves with other people in their event joining in as well. Speakers and attendees can choose to opt-out and have full control over the picture they submit.
Another feature we added to gather insights and direct feedback from the attendees was Polls. The host can ask a question and add up to 4 options to choose from. The attendees can vote to see the results and the host has a live view of the poll from the moment its posted.
This feature allows the host to link to a website or a newsletter and it turned out to be immensely useful. The goal for this feature was to bring more attention to the links the host wants to share, unobtrusively highlight them, and make it as super-fast and effortless as possible.

All the host needs to do is paste any link and the title and image will be automatically filled in. The host can then edit these and add up to 5 links.
We designed the app to also allow the host to link to their Shopify shop or manually add products they may be promoting.

The products are showcased next to the camera streams of the host and other people on stage. This feature is perfect for anyone who would like to allow their attendees to shop for their product during or after an event, directly in the app. offers two optional event types when doing a public stream. The first is Tables and the second is Speed Networking.

This feature works similar to speed dating. The app looks for a match among other event attendees and once there is a match, you can talk & see them in a private conversation.
We designed this feature to be perfect for movie night events. The host can stream a video from YouTube or Vimeo and control the playback. allows the host to completely change the look and feel of the app with 12 color presets and 15 vibe presets with a curated collection of images. We designed this feature so that the host can match the interface of the app to their branding or evoke a certain feeling.
The Tables feature allows the host to create multiple rooms in their event. We designed Tables to be integrated into the toolset and to work as a standalone feature.

Conversations at Tables are private and only people in the same Table can watch & participate in the conversation.
One of the main areas we focused on while designing the dashboard was creating a simple design system that supports endless expansion and easy-to-build components.

We made sure that the dashboard contains everything the host may need to manage all their events and account.
After 8 months of work, hundreds of iterations, two changes in the product-market fit, and thousands of designed screens, we successfully launched a new brand, the interface for the app, dashboard, website, and multiple marketing assets.
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